Authentic beauty comes from within.

We’re passionate about creating happy and beautiful outcomes for our customers and our communities. Our culture is anchored on a strong life philosophy that celebrates authentic beauty, and embraces diversity and distinct heritages in all shapes and spirits.

Our intent is to unleash the power of authentic beauty by providing the most wholesome skin care regimen in the world.


This new skin care line - started by my facialist, Jennifer Brodeur, a true skin guru - is free of toxins, artificial fragrances, and gluten.
Get ready to glow!

— Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Magazine, November 2016


Jennifer Brodeur really knows skincare. She’s a fairy-fingered artist [...] That’s why a long list of very important folks depend on her prodigal skin treatment.



With a cult celebrity following—including Miss O, of course—the founder and CEO of JB Skin Guru is no stranger to the limelight. That being said, we predict that this latest coup will make her a household name

— Vitamin Daily, November 2016


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