Jennifer Brodeur a.k.a. JB Skin Guru

Jennifer Brodeur is the driving FORCE behind the brand. She's a mix of skin strategist, life guru, VISIONARY business woman and proud mother.

“Beauty and wholeness for me represent your most complete and most natural state of being. When everything seems good with you and the World.”

Jennifer is determined to find new meanings in the word 'beauty' and open new doors for women around the World.

JB's desk
Jennifer Bordeur At Home

20 years and more.

Jennifer has dedicated the last 20 years - designing the most WHOLESOME skincare regimen. She travelled around the world to study with the best in the industry from cosmetic chemistry, advanced skin analysis, oncology aesthetics to organic skincare science. Her knowledge in skincare is deep, and her commitment is unwavering. There is definitely no one else like her in the industry.

Jennifer has been on the forefront of skincare for years. In 2003, JB designed MAX, an LED light therapy device that acts as a multivitamin to the skin, delivering safe and effective solutions for some of the most comprised skins. This innovative technology is an integral part of the JB Skin Guru Skincare Strategy.


Jennifer has created a skin care regimen to match her life philosophy – "Authentic beauty comes from within".

It is through this unique lifestyle and skin care philosophy that she delivers remarkable results, both immediate and long-lasting.

Today, Jennifer is proud to be the trusted skin strategist for some of the world’s most powerful women.

Authentic beauty comes from within